Door: Janine Quist & Ron Munneke


Today, Case and Tiny deciden om to the animalgarden to go. The weather is beautiful, so the animals can them from the best side letten see! We had not expect that it so very busy would be, where commen all those people away!! Man man…

Allerfirst musten the de car parking. That was an againstfaller! If we here the whole day stayen, must we the headprice paying! But hey, we go a little day on step, so we musten not complainen…

For that we the animals go belooken, drink we first a little cupje coffee. What a ditchwater was that! Not to plums!! Fortunate was the applepie well to eating. Too bad that the strokecream out a spraycan came. Real strokecream is surely well tastier!

After the coffee we pack our biezen and walken to the animals, there camen we for!

I grab Tiny beat and drag her to the lazyhorses. To my opinion? If you have one cat seen then have you them all seen. I love not so much from cats. I love butterflies much more! They flyen always around your head, so funny! And what also nice is? The way whereup they eaten!

In the glass house where the butterlfies live they have artflowers with little drops sugarwater there up. They go there upsitten and then, with a sort of rolltongue, eaten they. I am glad that I not such a tongue have but I know not of Tiny on that agrees… 😉

So we walk through the glass house and looken around us. But then, suddenly, Tiny screams!! “Get is there off!!” I see a big butterfly sitten on her shoulder. She hits totally in panic!! She hits around her and then, per accident, she hits the butterfly morsdead!! Oh no!!

And then alle people start te sreamen.. “she hits a butterfly dead, she hits a butterfly dead!!”

Whole fast a withworker came there on and took us with to outside. He was very angry. He said that there no reason was the butterfly dead te hitten. What if alle people that go do? He packed his mobile telephone and called his boss up.

Tiny and me were to an office brought. There stood a man, and the man was not happy. How took we it in our head om a butterfly to killen? I said: “Man, it is but 1 butterfly! Happened is happened…”. That made the man yet angrier!!

Om a long story short to cutten: We musten the animalgarden leaven, direct!

So Tiny an I droven off.., and that allemeal for 1 butterfly…

We hadden that not must do, but afterwards you look a horse in the ass…


Dutch Speakwords
Dutch Speakwords
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